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March #BoomerangBookChallenge

March Madness is always a fun month! Well this month we are kicking off with our #BOOMERANGBOOKCHALLENGE

Who Qualifies: Anyone that has a paperback copy of I Could Be Worse

How Do I Play: 

1. Oder Your Book

2. Take a fun and creative Boomerang with the book

3. Post on your social media and tag @representtheworld and @icouldbeworse and add #boomerangbookchallenge as your caption

4. Winner will be selected on APRIL 1, 2020


What Do I Win: If you are the lucky winner, you will receive a $100 GIFT CARD

Where To Order and Where To Follow

I Could Be Worse can be ordered on our website under our Buy Now tab. Or you can visit the following websites:




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